Stars Collide

'Stars Collide' is out, and you can listen here!

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The release of the full version of the stunning northern lights timelapse film Iceland Aurora is imminent, and we're more than a bit excited.

It will feature 3 tracks by Petur Jonsson, as well as new tracks by Kajak and ambient maestro Yagya

One of these tracks can already be found here, Dance Aurora, but today we are releasing a new track, called 'Stars Collide'.

Please enjoy, and be sure to check out the trailer to Iceland Aurora .:here:. it's going to be an epic and visually stunning film that captures one of nature's miracles in a mesmerising way. 

Promise of Spring

Promise of Spring | Music To An Unborn Film

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Promise of spring is the first track we publish here from the the upcoming album Music To An Unborn Film by Petur Jonsson.

The track is written to a very personal memory of events in the composer's life, much like the rest of the tracks on Music To an Unborn Film. Snippets of old memories made to music, like they were scenes from a film, sometimes complimented by soundscapes, that's the principal thought behind the album.

Of course the memories themselves can't be shared, only their musical expression, and how we react to that expression is always personal and individual. So let's see what you make of it:


'Iceland Aurora' trailer is out, and it's truly beautiful:

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Pétur Jónsson composed the music to this stunning trailer for Iceland Aurora, a film where the aurora borealis and the unique scenery of Iceland are captured together in a mesmerizing way.

The film was shot in more than 50 different locations around Iceland, and the outcome will be available in full HD and 4K resolution, on DVD and digital download in July 2014. You can find more information regarding the film .:here:.  

A full version of the trailer soundtrack will be available soon on this site.

Thanks for watching, and do share if you like the trailer, it's a small independent production, thankful for all exposure. Plus, it's really stunning, isn't it?

The Final Frontier | Dark Space Matter

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Do you love space? Well, Pétur Jónsson does. He is writing a series of tracks inspired by space operas called Dark Space Matter. Here is the first one. 

For some of us, nothing is more exciting than space. Thousands of great science fiction books have been written about space exploration and the future of mankind in the harsh environment of outer space. Once in a blue moon the films made from these stories are even good, while admittedly, many of them are not. 

In 2013 Petur started writing music to scenes from his favourite science fiction books, for a compilation called Dark Space Matter, which will be released here. After all, it's perfectly normal for a grown man to write music to books he loves in his spare time, isn't it?

Aurora Borealis

Dance, Aurora | Music To An Unborn Film

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One of the advantages of growing up in Iceland is being frequently exposed to the beautiful wonder of nature that is Aurora Borealis, the northern lights. 

Pétur Jónsson wrote 'Dance, Aurora' to one of the most majestic natural special effect there is. It is our second release from the upcoming album Music To An Unborn Film.